Hi. My name is Esteban.

I was born in a little village by the sea, where I used to go fishing with my grandfather when I was a child. Fifty years ago, fishing was the main source of livelihood. Since then, life has changed a lot. Now I don´t go fishing anymore, but I take pictures instead. For me this is a ritual of communion with nature, which almost turns the photographic act an excuse. This ritual is the essence of photography, as I understand it. The final outcome, the image, is only the residue of a relationship between something static,  almost perennial, and something much more transient that inexorably tries to change that environment in its path. In order for that relationship to exist, human and unaltered nature should continue to exist altogether. We need that part unchanged, and as such we must preserve it for the benefit of all.


I own several digicams that I´ve always used the best I could and honestly, I have to say that they´ve served me well to produce all these pictures. Of course I could talk about many things I´d like to improve about these cameras, but in fact It would be a different story. For now I have no special interest in publicizing these brands, as I don´t currently make any profit from them, but just for those of you who are interested in this information, I´ll try to list my equipment, or the gear used to get the pictures of this site, as follows:


Canon EOS 40d
Canon EOS 5d IV
Canon EOS 6d
Olympus E500
Olympus Zuiko 14.0-45.0 mm f/3.5-5.6
Canon EF17-40mm f/4L USM
Sigma 10-20 f/4,0-5,6 DC EX HSM
Lee Holders
Lee ND filters
Lee GND filters
Formatt Hitech reverse filters
Cokin P ND and GND filters
Bw circular polarizer
Heliopan circular polarizers
Remote controllers
Gorillapod nanotripod
Benro BH00-M head
Benro A-069 M8 tripod
Manfrotto 055mf3 tripod
Manfrotto 808 RC4 head
Giottos MTL 8261B tripod
Deyard D101 Pro head
Peak Design´s capture pro
Backpacks, cases
…and many hours of fun…



If anyone ever likes any of my pictures, I´d like to believe that the most likely reason is the expression itself, usually based upon concepts like composition, color, lighting…and of course the effort  made to get them. However, I consider that developing your personal style is more important than some rigid rules about realism and other such things, so I often prefer “creativity” instead of “accuracy”, although I try to use technology as a means, not as an end.

Many of my pictures are processed directly from RAW, with minimal adjustments. In other cases I use several layers and/or different exposures blended together -depending on the image- or other specific postprocessing techniques. In any case,  I  try not to distort the meaning or the general sense of the image, as I see it. Also, I try not to follow blindly the same steps throughout the whole process, because I think that, in some way, automation tends to kill creativity, and of course I´d rather maintain its health.

Usually, I like my pictures to speak for themselves, so don´t expect here many explanations about them, however, that doesn´t mean they haven´t been carefully prepared and produced. I feel lucky to have spent many hours working on them.



All these pictures are samples of the wonderful northwestern spanish coasts. Nearly 2000 km of coastline including insular territories, spreading across the autonomous communities of Galicia and Asturias (There are two samples from Cantabria too). Geological wealth and landscape value are immense here. The galician shore is soaked by two seas, Atlantic and Cantabrian, and divided into two areas: “Rías baixas” and “Rías altas”, where the word “ría” means basically an estuary formed generally by the flooding of the river valleys. So, the coast morphology is very varied and rugged, including islands, little archipelagos, cliffs, sand and pebbled beaches, etc. Geologically, the granite prevails, mostly on the south, while the slate beggins to appear towards the northern coastline. 

Asturian shores are the domains of the Cantabrian Sea. Many elements converge, but clearly limestone and slate prevail (depending on the lattitude), shaping an incredible shore that ranges from open pebbled beaches sorrounded by magnificent cliffs, to peaceful touristic sand beaches. Many of these seaside areas are protected by different legal counts, but some aren´t. Or, at least, not enough. And this is our responsibility. I feel very fortunate to enjoy so many gorgeous sunsets in these places, and it´s a honour for me trying to transmit their beauty and thereby communicate the relevance of preserving it for the future.

Hope I´m doing my bit.